Katy Hews, FSMPS, CPSM, Senior Principal, offers a unique perspective; she began her A/E/C career as an environmental planner over 40 years ago. Prior to joining Marketivity in 2005, Katy was the Corporate or Regional Marketing Director for major multi-disciplined firms including an ENR ‘TOP 10’ company. She now leads Marketivity’s East Coast operations.

Katy has held numerous leadership positions in SMPS, including twice as President of SMPS Northern New England. She authored a chapter in the SMPS Foundation’s A/E/C Business Development: The Decade Ahead. Katy is also a charter member of the Maine Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar, and has served on the chapter’s board for six years, including as President.

  • Working with Katy Hews during the past decade or so provides me with a close-up view of her considerable skills, enthusiastic style, and infinite personal integrity. Katy is one of the rare consultants who excels as both a strategist and implementation pro. Her experience advising firms of all size and types, combined with her years in-house on the front lines of marketing, business development, and client relations, translate to a deep understanding of client relationships and the business success positive relationships create. In all her professional roles, Katy demonstrates a fearless commitment to excellence, candor, and integrity. She is an inspiration to everyone she works with, and I am honored to count myself in this fortunate group!

    Michael J. Reilly, FSMPS

    Principal Consultant

    Reilly Communications

    Michael J. Reilly, FSMPS
  • I had the pleasure of sitting on the SMPS Northern New England board with Katy Hews during a time when the chapter’s transition plan was derailed. Katy not only stepped up to lead the chapter she also reinvigorated the board and brought us into compliance with national standards. It’s thrilling to say that since her tenure we continue to grow and gain momentum. Katy coined us the “little chapter that could” and we stand by that even today. Katy Hews brings a vast network, a thoughtful approach, and a wisdom and kindness to everything she does. I have seen firsthand the value of her survey and interview skills. She designed a survey tool for the SMPS NNE Chapter, conducted personal interviews with each member, and provided results that have stood the test of time. We only knew anecdotally what our members wanted or needed until Katy spoke to each and every one of them. The results of that effort put us on the path that increased membership, program attendance, and a higher satisfaction rating.

    Kathleen Porter

    Business Development Manager

    Lavallee/Brensinger Architects

    Kathleen Porter
  • Katy Hews is a force of nature. The energy and passion she put into the Maine Chapter of WTS brought our nascent group to a much higher level. As a charter WTS-Maine member and past chapter president, she unleashed her master marketing skills to increase membership and enhance programs, while building vibrant committees, including a mentoring program – Transportation U – aimed at introducing middle and high school students to the transportation world. Most recently she spearheaded the effort and wrote the nomination to get our own US Senator Susan Collins named “Woman of the Year” by WTS International, competing with hundreds of WTS chapters in the US and abroad. The contributions she has made, not only to WTS, but to other non-profit organizations in Maine, is immeasurable. Katy is definitely the “go to” marketing person in the state of Maine. WTS-Maine is a grateful beneficiary of her marketing expertise, her talents and her generosity.

    Maria Fuentes

    Executive Director of the Maine Better Transportation Association

    Maine Better Transportation Association

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